From the Last Few Days: Sept 6

A few things to catch up on. . .

The FAA has announced a directive for U.S. airlines to replace pitot tubes in the Airbus 330 and 340 planes (via CNN), which impacts Delta and US Airways.   This follows similar action by the European safety officials, in response to very preliminary findings from the of Air France flight 447 crash investigation (via Reuters).

A JetBlue flight made an emergency landing last Thursday in the Bahamas.  The evacuation was successful and nobody was injured (via the New York Times).

The FAA announced Friday that the new rules they have put forth following the Hudson River collision may have prevented that incident (via and The Star-Ledger).

American Airlines said Friday that they are responding to an FAA probe into use of some fasteners on MD-80 bulkheads and the allegation, in a Wall Street Journal article, that planes were retired to keep them from inspectors (via and the Dallas Business Journal).

Five people, four from the Lester family, died on Saturday when their Piper aircraft crashed in Tulsa (via KSBI-TV). Our condolences.

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