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The Book Shelf

Mary Schiavo
has generously donated a limited supply
of autographed, hardcover copies of 
Flying Blind, 
Flying Safe 
to NADA/F. To place an order, send  your name, 
address & a check for $20.00 (S&H included) 
payable to NADF along with your 
request to the following address:

National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation
Book Offer
2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW, # 315
Washington, DC   20006-1846


Your donation $$ will help 
NADA/F continue it's mission.

Hardcover, 373 pages,
 May 1997, Avon Books
IBSN:  0-380-97532-7 
List Price:  $25.00
This book can be yours for a
NADF donation of: $20.00
. . .
Phone:  888-444-NADA 
     or  888-444-6232
. . .
To expedite your order, contact our Book Editor, Mary Kahl, at
or call 724-864-0026


        Mary Fackler Schiavo is a genuine crusader for aviation safety.  She dares to share the shocking truth concerning the FAA and "business as usual" in Washington, DC.  This is a "must read" before your next flight. Take advantage of her experience to make your next trip safer.  Learn about the inner workings of the FAA with industry and how recommendations of the NTSB are ignored or delayed, denying improved safety for all aviation passengers.  The book's descriptive chapter titles speak for themselves.

                                From the Book's Table of Contents:
                                Introduction:  The ValuJet Tragedy
                                Chapter  1:  Who Does the FAA Work for, Anyway?  Not you.
                                Chapter  2:  The Plane Truth
                                Chapter  3:  The Tombstone Agency
                                Chapter  4:  Business As Usual
                                Chapter  5:  See No Evil:  Bogus Parts
                                Chapter  6:  Cash Cows:  Where your Airport Money Went
                                Chapter  7:  Relative Truth:  CULT-ure at the FAA
                                Chapter  8:  The Second Greatest Thrill
                                Chapter  9: Who Watches the Manufacturers
                                Chapter 10: TWA Flight 800
                                Chapter 11: There's No Such Thing As "Safety" at the FAA
                                Chapter 12: Airplanes
                                Chapter 13: Airlines
                                Chapter 14: Airports
                                Chapter 15: Straighten Up and Fly Right 
                                Chapter 16: Flying Healthy
                                Chapter 17: Weather
                                Chapter 18: When You Have to Fight
                                Chapter 19: Silencing the Watchdog
                                Epilogue If We Really Want Change....
                                Help Yourself
                                Chapter Notes

From the publisher:

"Mary Schiavo, the former inspector General of the US Department of Transportation, has written a scathing expose of the fraud, corruption, waste, mismanagement, and dangerous negligence that runs rampant throughout the aviation industry and its ineffectual "policing" organization, the FAA.  At the same time, she offers sane and valuable information and advice that will enable travelers to increase their safety in the air.  This is an essential work by the ultimate insider; a book that must be read by anyone who flies."

From the book jacket....

"Mary Schiavo, the Transportation Department inspector general, was not a conventional government watchdog.  For one thing, she barked....After [The Secretary of Transportation] insisted that ValuJet was safe, Ms. Schiavo produced contrary evidence from the government files.  The FAA later shut the airline down....[S]he has been...a force for safer skies."
--------The New York Times

"Enough 'tombstones' at FAA;  get on with the job....The agency needs a....review of its methods of enforcing safety....Of particular concern should be issues raised by Schiavo."
--------USA Today

"Credit Schiavo as a vital catalyst for needed changes in air safety....Her six years as inspector general culminated in what any fair observer would conclude was an impressively sturdy stand in the true public interest."
--------Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

"Mary Fackler Schiavo should be hailed as a hero....The American people should give her a hearty thanks for that rare quality she brought to public service----honesty."
--------The Phoenix Gazette

"Sometimes a bureaucracy needs people like Mary Schiavo .... Subsequent revelations have proved that Schiavo knew what she was talking about."
--------The Atlanta Constitution

"Schiavo is a brave, honest government inspector who has withstood incredible pressure from the DOT and the FAA, and deserves to be respected for doing her job."
--------The Indianapolis Star

"When the Transportation Department's own inspector general, Mary Fackler Schiavo, herself a pilot, is moved to warn of 'serious deficiencies in airline inspections, parts and training and in the air traffic control system,' Congress, the administration, and the industry should pay attention."
---------The Washington Post

"an incisive primer on what ails the aviation industry and the fed's regulation of it."
---------Business Week


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