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The Book Shelf
Our members have experienced tragic loss as a result of airline disasters.
  The books suggested below will provide helpful information regarding the history
and development of the airline industry, policies, procedures, politics and disasters.
Clicking on many of the book titles below will link you to the book's description at Amazon.com.  PlaneSafe.org benefits when you use any Amazon.com links from this web site prior to making your purchases.  Click here to follow hyperlink to Amazon.com

Adair, Bill; The Mystery of Flight 427: Inside a Crash Investigation; Smithsonian Institution Press; 2002; ISBN: 1588340058

Andrews McMeel Publishing (Editor), The Poynter Institute (Editor); September 11, 2001; Andrews McMeel Publishing; (November 15, 2001); ISBN: 0740724924

Aviation Consumer Action Proj; Facts and Advice for Airline Passengers; ACAP,1997; ISBN:9992869941 

Anonymous, and Thomas, Andrew R; Air Rage: Crisis in the Skies; Prometheus Books; 2001; ISBN: 1573929174

Barlay, Stephen; The Final Call : Why Airline Disasters Continue to Happen;  Pantheon Books 1991; ISBN: 0679401741 

Bennett, Simon;  Human Error: by Design  Perpetuity Press; 2001; ISBN: 1899287728
www.le.ac.uk/scarman/ orders@perpetuitypress.co.uk

Birch, Neville Hamilton; Passenger Protection Technology in Aircraft Accident Fires; Ashgate Publishing Company, 1988; ISBN: 0291397344 

Brun, Michel; Bononno, Robert(Translator); Incident at Sakhalin : The True Mission of Kal Flight 007  Four Walls Eight Windows; 1996; ISBN: 1568580541

Byrne, Gerry; Flight 427; Copernicus Books; 2002; ISBN: 038795256X

Clarke, Maureen; Frommer's What the Airlines Never Tell You;  Hungry Minds, Inc., 2000; ISBN:0028635949

The Center for Public Integrity; In the Unlikely Event... The Politics of Airline Safety; 1998  ISBN:1882583-10-8;   Available in PDF format at:  http://www.publicintegrity.org/unlikely_event.html

Cushing, Steven; Fatal Words : Communication Clashes and Aircraft Crashes; Refernce University of Chicago Press, 1997; ISBN: 0226132013

Doganis, Rigas; Flying Off Course : The Economics of International Airlines; Routledge, 1992; ISBN: 0415084393 

Fairechild, Diana; Jet Smart; Flyana Rhyme, 1994; ASIN: 0890877378 

Fairechild, Diana; Jet Smarter : The Air Traveler's Rx; Large Print, Flyana Rhyme, 1999; ISBN:1892997495

Faith, Nicholas & Faith, Nicolas; Black Box : The Air-Crash Detectives-Why Air Safety Is No Accident; Motorbooks International, 1997; ISBN: 0760304009 

Gollin, James  &  Allardyce, Robert; Desired Track : The tragic Flight of KAL 007; Amer. Vision Pub, 1994; ISBN: 1883868017 

Editors of Flying Magazine; Aftermath; Tab Books, 1994; ISBN: 083064282X

Editors of Flying Magazine; Aftermath, Volume 2; McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 2001; ISBN:007136093X 

Gaffney, Timothy R.; Air Safety : Preventing Future Disasters (Issues in Focus);Young Adult reading level; Enslow Publishers, Inc., 1999; ISBN: 0766011089 

Gero, David; Aviation Disasters : The World's Major Civil Airliner Crashes Since 1950; Haynes Pubns, 2000; ISBN: 1852606029

Gero, David; Flights of Terror; 1997; Haynes Pubns; ISBN: 185260512X 

Gero, David; Military Aviation Disasters : Significant Losses Since 1908; Motorbooks International, 1999; ISBN: 185260574X 

Heppenheimer, T. A.; Turbulent Skies : The History of Commercial Aviation (Sloan Technology Series);  John Wiley & Sons, 1998; ISBN: 0471196940

Job, MacArthur; Air Disaster (Vol. 1); Motorbooks International, 1995; ISBN: 1875671110

Job, MacArthur; Air Disaster (Vol. 2); Motorbooks International, 1996; ISBN: 1875671196 

Job, MacArthur; Air Disaster (Vol. 3); Australian Aviation, 1999; ISBN: 187567134X

King, Elizabeth M. &  Smith, James P ; Dispute Resolution Following Airplane Crashes; R-3585-ICJ; RAND, 1988;  ISBN: 0-8330-0899-4 

Krause, Shari Stamford; Aircraft Safety: Accident Investigations, Analyses & Applications; McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 1996; ISBN: 0070360278

Landau, Elaine; Air Crashes (Watts Library, Disasters);  Reading level: Ages 9-12; Franklin Watts, Incorporated, 2000; ISBN: 0531164160

Lebow, Cynthia C. (Editor); Safety in the Skies : Personnel and Parties in NTSB Aviation Accident Investigations; Rand Corporation, 1999, 2000; ISBN: 0833028065

Levitas, Mitchel (Editor), Lee, Nancy (Editor), Schlein, Lonnie (Editor), Raines, Howell (Introduction), Masuda, Toshiya (Designer); A Nation Challenged: A Visual History of 9/11 and Its Aftermath; Times Books; 1st edition (August 2002); ISBN: 0935112766

Lynn, Matthew; Birds of Prey : Boeing Vs. Airbus : A Battle for the Skies; Four Walls Eight Windows, 1997; ISBN: 156858086X 

MacPherson, Malcolm (Editor); The Black Box : All-New Cockpit Voice Recorder Accounts of In-Flight Accidents; William Morrow & Co, 1998; ISBN: 0688158927 

Merry, John Allen; 300 Best Aviation Web Sites ... and 100 more Worth Bookmarking;  McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 1999; ISBN: 0071348352

Miletich, John J. (Compiler); Airline Safety; Greenwood Publishing Group, 1990; ISBN: 031327391X

Nader, Ralph &  Smith, Wesley J.; Collision Course : The Truth About Airline Safety; McGraw-Hill, 1995; ISBN: 0070459878 

Nance, John J. ; Blind Trust: How Deregulation Has Jeopardized Airline Safety ...;  Nonfiction;  ASIN: 0688053602 ;  http://www.john-nance.com/

Negroni, Christine; Deadly Departure: Why the Experts Failed to Prevent the TWA Flight 800 Disaster and How It Could Happen Again; Cliff Street Books, 2000; ISBN: 0060194774 

Oster, Clinton V., Jr.;  Strong, John S.;  Zorn, C. Kurt; Why Airplanes Crash : Aviation Safety in a Changing World; Oxford Univ Press, 1992; ISBN: 0195072235 

Peterson, Barbara Sturken &  Glab, James (Contributor); Rapid Descent : Deregulation and the Shakeout in the Airlines; Simon & Schuster, 1994; ISBN: 0671760696

Petzinger, Thomas & Petzinger, Thomas Jr; Hard Landing : The Epic Contest for Power and Profits That Plunged the Airlines into Chaos; Times Books, 1997; ISBN: 0812928350

Schiavo, Mary  &  Chartrand, Sabra; Flying Blind, Flying Safe; Avon Books, 1997; ISBN: 0380975327 

Snook, Scott A.; Friendly Fire; Princeton Univ Pr, 2000; ISBN: 0691005060 

Stewart, Stanley; Air Disasters;  ASIN: 0870523856 

Stewart, Stanley; Emergency! : Crisis in the Cockpit; Tab Books, 1991; ISBN: 0830634991

Stitch, Rodney; Unfriendly Skies : Saga of Corruption; Diablo Western Press, 1990; ISBN:0932438024; PDF form or Book available from www.unfriendlyskies.com

Taylor, Laurie; Air Travel : How Safe Is It?; Blackwell Science Inc, 1997; ISBN: 0632040696

Thomas, Andrew R.; Aviation Insecurity: The New Challenges of Air Travel; Prometheus Books; May 2003; ISBN: 1591020743.

Wallis, Rodney; Lockerbie: The Story and the Lessons; Praeger Pub Trade; 2000;  ISBN: 0275964930 

Walters, James M.  &   Sumwalt, Robert L.,, III; Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports; McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, 2000; ISBN: 0071351493

Weir, Andrew; The Tombstone Imperative;  Pocket Books; 2000;  ISBN: 0743415833 
Avaiable from www.amazon.co.uk

This bibliography is limited and does not contain all the books available regarding the airline industry, policies, procedures, politics and disasters.  You are encouraged to search through other book sites or at your local library to find information on the books listed here or other excellent books that are available.  NADA/F welcomes resource suggestions.

Compiled by:  Mary K. Kahl
Board Liaison - UA 232
E-mail:  MKahlcul8@aol.com
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