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Jet Smarter
The Air Traveler's Rx
by former Flight Attendant
Diana Fairechild

Diana Fairechild has generously donated a limited
supply of JET SMARTER  to NADF.

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Book Offer
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Washington, DC   20006-1846


ISBN: 1892997495
400 pages - Paperback
June 1999 - Flyanna Rhyme
List Price:  $14.95
This book can be yours for a

NADF donation of: $10.00
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Phone:  888-444-NADA 
     or  888-444-6232
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To expedite your order, contact our Book Editor, Mary Kahl, at
MKahlcul8@aol.com or call 724-864-0026


Did you ever wonder why you often feel discomfort during flights; why you fall ill shortly after arriving at your destination; or why your concentration is compromised on business trips involving air travel?  Diana Fairechild, a former international flight attendant who has logged over ten million miles in the air, explains how  today's jet travel affects us physically and mentally and what we can do about it.  Her book, Jet Smarter, addresses issues such as jetlag, excessive radiation, pesticide sprays, cleaning chemicals, lack of humidity, along with oxygen deprivation.  Fairechild's own health problems became the impetus for her books on the pitfalls of air travel. 

Jet Smarter is the sequel to an earlier book, Jet Smart, which initially enlightened the public about separate air supplies for pilots and passengers.  Passengers suffer the effects of recycled air and minimal oxygen levels while the airlines reap dollar benefits from these cost cutting efforts. 

How many "sick" airplanes have carried you to international destinations?  The interiors of these planes, including the passengers and their luggage, are routinely doused with pesticides.  Learn about the symptoms which can manifest in passengers who, often unknowingly, have been exposed to these toxins.

Fairechild peppers her explanations with a generous amount of humor, as only an insider can do.  She quotes statistics on the cancer rates of pilots & flight attendants, gives insight on possible reasons for air rage, and lists many tested solutions for the after-effects of jetlag.  This book tells you how to get your in-flight needs met, fall asleep, pack, dress and what to eat or drink.  It also includes many comments from readers, news and medical people. In addition to several useful charts, a list of suggested strategies at the end of each chapter, makes Jet Smarter a great reference that will keep you coming back.

To read more about Jet Smarter and author, Diana Fairechild, visit her web site, "Healthy Flying with Diana Fairechild" at www.flyana.com.  She is also the founder of the Fair Air Coalition, a non-profit advocacy organization for airline passengers. 

Written by:  Mary Kahl
Board Liaison - United 232
E-mail:  MKahlcul8@aol.com
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