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The Book Shelf
Library of Personal Experience
The books listed below relate some of the personal experiences of those directly 
affected by actual air disasters and other traumatic events. We extend our 
deepest sympathy to those who have lost family and friends in these tragedies. 
While some books are available directly from PlaneSafe.org, clicking on many of the book titles below will link you to the book's description at Amazon.com. PlaneSafe.org benefits when you use any Amazon.com links from this web site prior to making your purchases.  Click here to follow hyperlink to Amazon.com

Andersen, Nattanya; Broken Wings: A Flight Attendant's Journey; Avia Publishing, Inc. 1999; 
ISBN: 0968497608    http://www.brokenwings.ca/      Available from NADF

Beamer, Lisa; Abraham, Ken (Contributor); Let's Roll: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage; Tyndale House Pub; (August 20, 2002); ISBN: 0842373195

Chasey, William C.; Pan Am 103 : The Lockerbie Cover-Up; Bridger House Pub; 1995; 
ISBN: 0964010410 

Cohen, Susan ; Cohen,  Daniel; Pan Am 103: The Bombings, the Betrayals, and a Bereaved Family's Search for Justice; Signet; 2001; ISBN: 0451202708 

Dee, Emily; Souls on Board : Responses to the United Flight 232 Tragedy; Loess Hills Press; 1990; ISBN: 0962681814

Dee, Emily; War Against Silence After Trauma : Unmasking and Managing the Stress of Change; Loess Hills Press; 1993; ISBN: 0962681830 

DeFede, Jim; The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland; Regan Books; 1st edition (September 3, 2002); ISBN: 0060513608

Fredrick, Stephen A.; Unheeded Warning: The Inside Story of American Eagle Flight 4184;  Magraw Hill; 1996; ISBN: 0070219516 

Gereson, Allan; Adler, Jerry; The Price of Terror: Lessons of Lockerbie for a World on the Brink; Harper Collins; 2001; ISBN: 0060197617

Holden; Henry M.; Women in Aviation - Leaders and Role Models for the 21st Century; Black Hawk Publishing; 2001;  ISBN 1879630214   www.women-in-aviation.com 

Holmes, Steven A.; Ron Brown: An Uncommon Life; John Wiley & Sons; 2001; ISBN: 0471401722 

Horton, Madelyn; The Lockerbie Airline Crash (World Disasters); Lucent Books; 1991; ISBN: 1560060174 

Kerisk, Bernard B. & Von Essen, Thomas (Forewords); In the Line of Duty: A Tribute to New York's Finest and Bravest; Regan Books; 1st edition (November 15, 2001); ISBN: 0060093633

Longman, Jere; Among the Heroes: United Flight 93 and the Passengers and Crew Who Fought Back; Harper Collins; 2002; ISBN: 0060099089

Manning, Greg; Love, Greg & Lauren: A Husband's Day-by-Day Account of His Wife's Remarkable Recovery; Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd); March 2002;  ISBN: 0553802976
Mild, Rosemary; Miriam's Gift : A Mother's Blessings-Then and Now; Fithian Pr; 1999; ISBN: 1564742954 

Piper, Joan L.; A Chain of Events: The Government Cover-up of the Black Hawk Incident and the Friendly Fire Death of Lt. Laura Piper; Brasseys Inc; 2000; ISBN: 1574882317 

Pomerantz, Gary M. , Gaines, Boyd (Reader); Nine Minutes, Twenty Seconds : Inside ASA Flight 529: A Revelation of the Human Spirit; [ABRIDGED]; Crown Pub; 2001; ISBN: 0609606336 

Purl, Sandy, Lewis, Gregg; Am I Alive? A Surviving Flight Attendant's Struggle and Inspiring Triumph Over Tragedy; Chevron Pub Corp; 1997; ISBN: 1883581060 

Raines, Howell; Scott, Janny (Introduction); the New York Times; Emerson; Portraits 9/11/01: The Collected "Portraits of Grief" from The New York Times; Times Books; 2002; ISBN: 0805072225

Shortley-LaLonde, Joanne; Widowed Without Warning;  iUniverse.com Incorporated; 2001; 
ISBN: 0595163874   www.widowedwithoutwarning.com       Available from NADA/F

Schemmel, Jerry, Simpson, Kevin (Contributor); 'Chosen to Live' : The Inspiring Story of Flight 232 Survivor Jerry Schemmel; Victory Pub; 1996 ISBN: 0965208656    Available from NADA/F

Snook, Scott A.; Friendly Fire; Princeton Univ Pr; 2000; ISBN: 0691005060 

Trombello, Joseph; McPherson, Sara  (Editor)  Sioux City Journal Staff (Photographer); Haynes, Al (Translator) Miracle in the Cornfield;  Publisher: Trombell, Joseph; 1999; ISBN: 0966981502 

Weite, Rose; After the Crash/Northwest Flight 255 August 16, 1987; Clementine Books; 1993; 
ISBN: 0963604309 

This bibliography is limited and does not contain all the books available regarding personal experience with airline disasters.  You are encouraged to search through other book sites or at your local library to find information on the books listed here or other excellent books that are available.  NADA/F welcomes resource suggestions.
Contact:  Mary K. Kahl
Board Liaison - UA 232
E-mail:  MKahlcul8@aol.com
Contact:  Maureen Dobert
Board Liaison - CT-43
E-mail:  Kenmoe60@aol.com
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