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In the Unlikely Event...
The Politics of Airline Safety
from The Center for Public Integrity

The report is available online in PDF format.  While
currently out of print, a Xerox copy of the publication
can still be ordered from The Center for Public Integrity.
Each copy is $10.00 + $3.75 (S&H).  To place an order
send your name, address & a check for US $13.75
(S&H included) along with your request to this address:
 The Center for Public Integrity
1634 I Street, NW   Suite 902
  Washington, DC 20006

You may get an order form e-mailed to you enabling a 
purchase through the mail.  Orders can be placed online at
http://www.publicintegrity.org or
E-mail:  contact@publicintegrity.org.
Telephone: 202-466-1300 or  Fax:  202-466-1102

In the

The Center for Public Integrity

Paperback - 95 pages,
Copyright 1998
 ISBN:  1882583-10-8


Do you believe the US should raise the bar for the standard of safety in public aviation?  While Congress & the FAA claim we have the best aviation safety record, does that mean there isn't room for substantial improvement?  After reading In the Unlikely Event... you will understand how the American public has been denied endless safety improvements recommended by the NTSB for years.  And if that isn't bad enough, Congress turns a blind eye as the FAA drags it's feet. 

Republicans & Democrats alike, along with members of the FAA have accepted incredible amounts of money or perks from the airline industry.  In return, identifiable safety issues, sometimes very straightforward, are neglected. People continue to die or be injured because of this inaction.  This report will educate you on the inadequacies of standards for airline seats, wiring defects and black boxes along with the lack of child safety seats, smoke detection and fire suppression equipment.  Accidents continue needlessly as the industry essentially regulates itself.  Often is is only a public outcry that precedes an incentive for change.

The publication is described at  http://www.publicintegrity.org/unlikely_event.html in greater detail.  At the bottom of the above mentioned web page you can also view this report in PDF format. (unlikely_event.pdf 480KB).    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file (which is a free  download if you don't already have it on your computer).  Once you are able to view the report online, you can also print out a copy of the document (even & odd page selections are available enabling use of both sides of the paper.)

Written by Mary Kahl, 
Board Liaison - United 232
E-mail:  MKahlcul8@aol.com


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