The NATIONAL AIR DISASTER ALLIANCE/FOUNDATION (NADA/F) was founded by air crash survivors and victims’ family members to raise the standard of Aviation Safety, Security and Survivability, and to Support victims’ families. NADA/F has proven to be an effective voice of reason, and often the conscience in the room promoting short-term and long-range solutions for the highest levels of aviation safety and security, so that others are not harmed.

Save the Date! Friday July 27, 2018 and Saturday
July 28, 2018 ISASI Meeting Savannah GA

ISASI – The International Society of Air Safety Investigators has again invited NADF members to attend their 2018 southeast regional meeting.  We always look forward to meeting ISASI members, from an international organization that "promotes the scientific and moral obligations of the Air Safety investigator to the public."

Registration is $100 and includes Friday Tour of Gulfstream and welcome reception, Saturday includes breakfast, lunch, and the program. There are a number of presentations on a variety of topics– always something new for air safety and investigations. NADF always looks forward to working with ISASI and their terrific members who share our goals.

For hotel booking call central reservations (800) 285 – 0398 and reference SERC of ISASI or use the link online: Savannah Marriott Riverfront. Hotel rates discounted to $179 for our group, and self-parking discounted to $5 daily. Please confirm reservations at this rate by 6/27/2018. Or feel free to stay at other hotels in Savannah area.

For more information and the registration go to
Go to the center box and scroll down to ERC of ISASI Annual Meeting
Or click on the Registration form and details.

Questions about the meeting?
Please contact Alicia Storey (334) 678-7722 at SRCA, Safety Research Corporation of America.

Friday, July 27th – Tour of Gulfstream and welcome reception at the Mighty 8th museum.
Saturday, July 28th – Presentations beginning at 8:00 am in the Plaza Room at the Savannah
Marriott Riverfront Hotel. (light breakfast and lunch included)

We extend our solace to the family and friends who have lost loved ones, passengers and crew on MH17. This is a horrific loss and the world grieves with you.

The family members and the global traveling public deserve an independent International Criminal Investigation, humane services for the souls on board, and much more.

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Thank you to Nick Anderson, Artist and Illustrator.

On behalf of our members worldwide our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of MH370 as they search for the truth.

As family members, we understand the “need to know” and the world must learn more about this aviation disaster. We support the MH370 family members.

Our thoughts are also with those working so hard every day to locate the aircraft, the important black boxes, and for a proper air crash investigation for the probable cause of MH370.

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Looking Back…Looking Forward…
Twenty years ago it was a challenge to connect with international air crash family members without the Internet, yet October 1992 survivors and family members gathered for the first time in Washington DC, and their annual meetings led to NADA/F incorporation August 1, 1995. We met challenges then, and we are making significant progress today, while true to our Founding Goals.

There is much work to do in 2014 . . .

  • Educate almost 100 new members of the U.S. House and Senate.
  • Follow through on FAA rulemaking to comply with “The Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act” by August 1, 2013. CO3407 family members worked hard to pass this legislation, and NADA/F served on the FAA ARC (Aviation Rulemaking Committee) for First Officer Qualifications. The preliminary rulemaking from the FAA looks very good, but we want to be sure that the FAA and the commercial commuter airlines and their pilots comply with this important legislation for pilot certification.
  • NADA/F is promoting a Comprehensive Digital Pilot Records Database. Our Founding Members passed PRIA (Pilot Record Improvement Act) in 1996, the first legislation to allow pilot background checks. PRIA records are paper files, and now the FAA must initiate Digital Database files that will continue to only be available to prospective pilot employers. A lack of checking comprehensive pilot records has led to fatalities. Once again, NADA/F is a primary organization pushing the FAA to do the right thing and finalize the rulemaking for a Comprehensive Digital Pilot Record Database.
  • The FAA Re-authorization Act of 2012 requires all commuter commercial airlines to disclose which car seats adapt to their aircraft types. We urge the FAA and A4A (Airlines for America) to move forward required child seats so that ALL passengers will have the safest seat possible.
  • Promoting “One Level of Safety” for ALL aviation, including pilot work/rest rules and much more.

Everything we do to promote aviation safety and security we do in memory of our loved ones. Every conversation that we have and every meeting where NADA/F speaks, submits testimony and/or attends, we represent you, your family and friends, and those who fly every day.

Please consider a generous tax-deductible contribution to help us grow for another 20 years. Your membership donation for 2014 of $20, or as much as you can afford, will help us grow. I am proud that NADA/F is the organization with a powerful voice from family members and professionals to effectively answer our “need to know” questions, and push for action on our goals.

On behalf of our members worldwide,

Matt Ziemkiewicz, President

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Welcome to Our Website

Our goal is to make it easier for you to access Daily Aviation News, receive email updates, contact our Board Members, reach out for Assistance, learn more about our Safety accomplishments, Goals and more. There are many ways for you to get involved:

  • We remember loved ones – Check out Who We Are, How We Do It Who We Represent, and our Memorial Calendar. If your crash is not included, please contact us with the details (date, airline, where, type of equipment, etc.). If you would like to be a contact person for your group, let us know your name and full contact information.
  • Aviation disaster websites. Please let us know if your disaster has a website or something specific such as historic information so that we are able to LINK to that information.
  • Air Crash Memorials. Send us photos of your memorial, and information to share with others about how you established your memorial. Please send a CD copy of your memorial photos or photos that do not need to be returned to the NADA/F address, or let us know if there is a website link to your memorial. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gail A. Dunham Executive Director

A Special Request For Your Help…

Please send your 2014 dues of $20, or as generous an amount as you can afford, to the National Air Disaster Foundation today.

As our resources are stretched more than ever, we must reach out to more people . . . both those who have suffered the loss of a love one in an aviation disaster, as well as the flying public. Now is also the time to take advantage of the new opportunities to promote our founding goals. Your donation will help us to cover the basic costs of communicating, including our new website, and our ability to keep it updated and expanded for you.

Perhaps you can consider becoming Newsletter Sponsors for a $3,000 donation, to help cover the newsletter mailing expenses. This is an opportunity for you to honor a loved one, express your views, or have your business recognized, all while supporting higher standards for aviation safety and security.

The NATIONAL AIR DISASTER ALLIANCE/FOUNDATION gives a special Sponsor recognition for your donation of $10,000 or more. Your donation will be held in Trust, and the interest income will be used to promote NADA/F programs, or for a specific purpose. As a Sponsor, you will be recognized, or you may remain anonymous if you prefer. The Trust assures our work for the future.

We need your help to raise the standard of safety, security, survivability, and support for victims’ families after these devastating aviation disasters.

Please let us count on your generosity and help us achieve these goals by sending your tax‑deductible contribution today to our address below, or make a secure online contribution by clicking here. You will receive NADA/F pins with your 2014 membership donations!

Thank you very much,

Matt Ziemkiewicz, President

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What’s New

NEW! President’s Welcome from Matt Ziemkiewicz, Spring 2011

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April 2010 Newsletter

Aviation Safety Award to Dr. Takao Kawakita and to honor IREI Air Safety in Japan.
First NADA/F International Safety Award.

UPDATED! Memorial Calendar to remember our loved ones. If your crash is not included, or there are corrections, please let us know.

Photo Gallery Updates

The ICING Lawsuit End “Déjà Vu disasters!”
NADA/F filed a lawsuit against the FAA and the US DOT on February 24, 2009 on behalf of air crash family members and the traveling public to compel the DOT and FAA to end the 15+ years delays on regulatory changes to prevent aviation disasters such as Continental Connection 3407 on February 12, 2009 at Buffalo, NY, and many other icing disasters. The FAA did issue a Final Rule for airframe ice protection on August 3, 2009, however, there is still much work to do. Learn More.

VIDEO “Federal Government Slapped With Lawsuit”

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