Aviation Attorneys and Legal Concerns

If you are an air crash survivor, or you have lost an immediate family member(s) in an aviation disaster, you will probably be approached by attorneys wanting to represent you.

There are often Statutes of Limitations following aviation disasters that require that lawsuits must be filed up to one, two or sometimes three years after the disaster. Following an aviation disaster the investigations and litigation can go on for years, so whatever choice you make to pursue or not pursue litigation, please be patient.

Do not be rushed into thinking that you must have an attorney immediately. You may have an attorney for the Estate, a separate attorney for worker’s compensation, and usually a separate attorney specializing in Aviation Disasters.

Attorneys may be eager to represent you, because there is a high probability of settlement, but you are free to take your time, interview aviation attorneys and make your own decision. Be sure that the Aviation Attorney that you retain is someone that you are able to work with.

The following is not an Endorsement of an Aviation Attorney over another, however, we share this information with you because they are professional Aviation Attorneys who have represented family members and have supported the advocacy work of family members through the National Air Disaster Foundation.